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zero commission..
zero onboarding fee..
enormous sales & engagement...

about Snoodify

snoodify is a discovery commerce platform in technical terms. but as we call it now, it is the junction of engagement and shopping. we are building an instagram like platform, which holds a marketplace ingrained to it. focussing on genz and millenials.

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funky girl
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why you should partner with snoodify

new sales/revenue channel


10x higher ugc creation


2x extensive community building


80% lower commissions


90% better brand advocacy


new sales/revenue channel

like every other marketplace, snoodify also serves as an additional sales/revenue channel.

we expect sales to skyrocket via presence on snoodify. unlike other platforms, delivery is handled by the brand owner himself/herself. this way you can still maintain the personal touch.

10x higher ugc creation

usually brands pay per video for these content. we enable brands to incentivise the customers with a cashback so as to boost ugc creation which inturn boosts their sales on the platform.

we expect an average of 4 videos being created per product which would be a high killer for boosting sales on snoodify as well as brand trust.

2x extensive community building

brands can connect more effectively with their customers since there is no barrier to sales unlike in instagram where users are redirected to websites. 

brands also can improve their reach improving offers rather than spending cash on advertisements.

80% lower commissions

though we are onboarding brands for zero cost, zero commission for next 6 months. we will be charging a small commission of about 5-10% on sales post that period.

which is way lower than other bigger marketplaces.

90% better brand advocacy

people can better discover your brands on snoodify. the ugc proofs created add to the value creation.

when user purchases, creates content, it automatically gains traction amongst their followers, hereby improving your brand advocacy.

how to get onboarded in 4 easy steps

fill our 5 minute long form, preferably with the founder.

just simply click and apply! what better time than zero commission and zero onboarding fee!

what brands need to get onboarded

we have a very small requirement

list just to maintain the quality of onboards onto snoodify

quality products

this is one biggest criteria we check for in brands. we usually avoid onboarding brands with bad/negligible quality. we believe in providing the best value for money and no compromise in ethicality as such.

good nps

happy customer, proves more happy customer. we don't care about how big/small your brand is until you have someone who is in love with your products.

fashion category (~streetwear)

we are currently restricted to work on fashion brands (inclusive of jewellery and bags) more inclined towards streetwear, but if you ever feel confused if your brand suits the criteria, please feel free to apply. we take all applications seriously.


the pricing can range anywhere from affordable to premium to affordable luxury and luxury. but we do not target ultra-luxury and cheaper products.

what do our partners feel

sahal baji
founder of alpmode

"excited to be amongst the first few to get onboarded to snoodify... we feel it is going to be a gamechanger."

hridhima khera

founder of aycs

 "your gtm of going college by college sounds really exciting being from streetwear space..."

querida fernandes

founder of querated

"waiting to get listed and sell to clientele in a more organnised way. i am currently paying 1000-1500 for ugcs."

dev taneja

founder of anime devta

"really excited for your launch and would love to experiment with you guys..."

story of
many more...

  • the audience is majorly genz and millenials, with special focus on college students and early employees in urban setting.

  • no there is no onboarding fee as of now. and for the commissions on sales, we do not charge any commissions until 1 november 2024.

  • it is a simple process, we have initial checks on brand legitimacy and product quality and if things are not too off, we take in brands.

  • we are building multiple toolsets and partnering with enablers to deliver brands with the best insight possible. the strongest of them for now being the ugc generation automater. though more tools are down the lane.

  • we usually let the brands handle all the disputes and issues with customer. but we do keep track, repeated instances leads to delisting of brand or customer.

    as far as payment cycles are considered, the payment cycle is 30 days.

  • yes though we hold it on a restricted, smaller number of e-commerce systems for now. we are rapidly scaling, so we can customize it for you.

    perks of being early i suppose.

  • for now, we redirect conversations. but down the lane we will be enabling ai based assistants at brand's disposal.

  • the platform is completely safe and secure and undergoes timely checks to maintain the same.