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about us

snoodify is discovery commerce platform focussed on genz and millenials to make shopping more engaging and fun. the way we think about this is how would you feel if you are watching a really crazy product ad in a theatre and someone suddenly picks and puts you in sarojini as soon as you want to buy.

this is where we come in. we feel there is a lot of gap here. and we want to help bridge the same.


we aspire to serve the globe in purchasing for small and medium brands from across the world rather than the incumbents due to lack of choice and effectively democratising retail market.


the mission is simply to make the first 100 users fall in crazy love with the product. and scale across india within 2-3 years.


we started out snoodify by building a price comparision engine for 6-7 months rigorously, only to find after cracking deals with amazon, flipkart, purplle and nykaa that the market and margins were really small. moreover we started to understand that this was a deadend. we gathered the courage to pivot into building something for small and medium homegrown brands.

that is how we evolved into being snoodify.

founders' history

the founders dheekshith and sheetal are batchmates at iit delhi. they have been studying together since 2020 covid batch. they managed to map and develop common interests in building ventures and experimenting out. dheekshith, sheetal and siddhant started snoodify in early february 2023 then eventually siddhant took to his career and sheetal and dheekshith had to pivot due to reasons above. 

dheekshith kumar, born and brought up in chennai, was a professional chess player till he was 15. he trained with gukesh, praggnandhaa and almost all top indian players in the same batch. he won several national and international events and had to drop on chess due to personal reasons and studied to get into iit delhi and ever since, startups, code, algorithms, maths - have been the love of his life.

sheetal singh born and brought up in aligarh, did her schooling from jawahar navodaya vidyalaya and cracked jee with dakshana scholarship program and made her way to iit delhi. plays table tennis avidly. she shares the love for venture creation and growth as dheekshith.

the snoodify squad!

feel free to reach any one of us for anything. we are grounded.

i handle the funkiness levels, product and strategy part majorly. i wash the dishes at snoodify. 

been a professional chess player, mathematician, codes casually, fails miserably, movie buff, comic craze.

i handle entertaining you guys, making sure you all sign-up and gain the benefits. onboard your favourite brands.

mathematician again, plays table-tennis, bollywood buff, gym freak.

i handle the tech team in general and make sure engineering happens in a more proper way.

worked at amazon, google, samsung, ibm, nature lover, loves t-shirts and bad at clicking pics.

i handle onboarding and talking to the businesses part, solving for their needs and issues. i am the go to problem solver for anything related to brands.

plays guitar, business student, movie freak, party buff, sneakerhead.

i handle all stuff related to the backend development, security, and everything related to backend. proficient in java, springboot, hibernate, mysql.

nature lover, codes a lot, calm and cool person in general.

i handle all stuff related to the frontend and looks of the app, in constant negotiations with the designer. proficient in react, node js, javascript.

artist, codes a lot, fun and excited in general, waits a lot for backend.

i am the superman behind design at snoodify. the app ui and ux was completely built by making me run through sleepless nights.

designer, product enthusiast, avid learner, proficient in tools like shopify, webflow, wix, wordpress, framer, figma and what not.

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