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you've signed up!?
5000 chads* just did!

snoodify is platform that helps make shopping more fun and engaging. launching initially for colleges in delhi ncr and slowly expanding to other cities.

*everyone who uses snoodify is chad.

stacys are included here!

genz and millennials chilling

about snoodify

snoodify is a platform that aims to bring together shopping, engagement and fun.

why are chads and stacys excited about snoodify ;)

here's what we learned, but tag us on your story and let know if more!

we will feature you on snoodify insta!

shop with trust

reels and ugc from friends and family and their reviews help decision making smoothen

leading to 65% more purchases which depicts trust

shop from reels

we all know how much we have to control the urge to buy

studies show that 57% of purchases are influenced by social media

shop with your friends

who doesn't want to....

shoppers love when they have someone alongside to help 

flaunt your style

last but not the least

some gentle flaunting and showing adds art to the world

let people admire you

get upto 70% cashbacks

creating even snippets of videos reviewing the products can earn you upto 70% cashback

support small businesses

about 54% of genz and millenials have said to prefer buying from small and medium brands over the other options

the snoodify squad!

feel free to reach any one of us for anything.

we are grounded.

i handle the funkiness levels, product and strategy part majorly. i wash the dishes at snoodify. 

been a professional chess player, mathematician, codes casually, fails miserably, movie buff, comic craze.

i handle entertaining you guys, making sure you all sign-up and gain the benefits. onboard your favourite brands.

mathematician again, plays table-tennis, bollywood buff, gym freak.

i handle the tech team in general and make sure engineering happens in a more proper way.

worked at amazon, google, samsung, ibm, nature lover, loves t-shirts and bad at clicking pics.

i handle onboarding and talking to the businesses part, solving for their needs and issues. i am the go to problem solver for anything related to brands.

plays guitar, business student, movie freak, party buff, sneakerhead.

i handle all stuff related to the backend development, security, and everything related to backend. proficient in java, springboot, hibernate, mysql.

nature lover, codes a lot, calm and cool person in general.

i handle all stuff related to the frontend and looks of the app, in constant negotiations with the designer. proficient in react, node js, javascript.

artist, codes a lot, fun and excited in general, waits a lot for backend.

i am the superman behind design at snoodify. the app ui and ux was completely built by making me run through sleepless nights.

designer, product enthusiast, avid learner, proficient in tools like shopify, webflow, wix, wordpress, framer, figma and what not.

see it, shop it...

ever felt so much in urge to have product links to later just scroll with hopelessness?!

say no more!

a boy dancing in joy

discover what's trending

discover trending products, reels and so much more on a single app

explore screen of snoodify app

shop with trust 

run through a million video reviews before every purchase

product screen of snoodify app

connect with your friends and family and share content, products and happiness seamlessly


search of snoodify app

who doesn't love saving money!

earn upto 70% cashbacks 

wallet screen of snoodify app

90% better brand advocacy

90% better brand advocacy

90% better brand advocacy

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